09 September 2012

Indian Firsts in Film History (1-5)

Raja Harishchandra (1913)
First Silent Film and First Full-length Indian Feature Film to be made by Dadasaheb Phalke

Alam-Ara (1931)
First Sound Film, directed by Ardeshir Irani
First Talkie Actress:Zubeida
De de khuda ke naam per - The first song of the Indian cinema

Kisan Kanya (1937)
First Colour film directed by Moti B. Gidvani
Film made entirely in India, was processed and printed in Germany

Neecha Nagar (1946)
First Indian cinema to get Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival
Directed by Chetan Anand

Shyamchi Aai (1953)
First Indian cinema to get Golden Lotus Award for Best Film at the National Film Awards in 1954.
Shyamchi Aai is a Marathi film , directed by P.K.Atre.

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