21 June 2010

Malayalees are not Mallus

Dear Keralites,

People from outside our state often refer to us as “Mallus”. We also often refer to ourselves as “Mallus” thinking that it is a short form for ‘Malayalee’. BUT please note that the meaning of the Hindi word “Mallu” as given in the Oxford Hindi English Dictionary is “MONKEY”.

Oxford Hindi English Dictionary by R.S. McGregor – Pg. 795. First Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1993

So next time before referring to yourself as a ‘ Mallu’ – please think!!! And if anyone else calls you a “Mallu” – politely but firmly tell them that you are a MALAYALEE not a ‘Mallu’.

Please forward to all the Keralites and create awareness about this term so that we do not cheer people (like monkeys),when they are actually calling us “monkeys” ……………..

Oru Malayalee.