18 February 2009

Mangalore pub attack accused Muthalik claims to lead Hindu suicide squad

Pramod Muthalik of the Sri Ram Sene and Lt Col Purohit, the accused in the Malegaon blast case - both these men have shocked the entire nation in the recent past.

While Lt Col Prasad Purohit has been dubbed as the master of Hindu terrorism by the media, Pramod Muthalik himself claims that he has formed a Hindu suicide squad to take on Islamist jihadis.

Both have a common agenda and share the same ideology. But, do they have any link? Was there any connection between Malegaon blasts and the failed blasts at Hubli?

Pramod Muthalik vehemently denied any link either with Abhinav Bharat or with the nine arrested in connection with the blasts at Hubli last year, but that lie was nailed by what the elder brother of main accused in the Hubli - Nagaraj Jambagi - blast says.

"My younger brother (Nagraj Jambagi) is with the Sri Rama Sene. He was the right hand man of Pramod Muthalik. Muthalik may deny it, but we have seen Muthalik's photo and video on TV and in newspapers. We know who this Muthalik is. I have disowned my brother because of his criminal and communal activities long back."
The over 4,000-page chargesheet filed by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) also raises serious questions over a possible link between Mangalore's moral police and Malegaon's monsters.

An ATS team had even visited Karnataka looking for a suspect called Praveen Muthalik, supposedly a relative of Pramod Muthalik.

Pramod Muthalik has very close links with Hindu fundamentalist organisations in Maharashtra. On the day of attack on pubs in Mangalore, he was in Pune and he even held a press meet in Bangalore to release the photographs of the members of Hindu suicide squad undergoing training in handling arms and ammunition.

"I am not a terrorist. The government is taking our help to bust Islamic terror cells in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra," Muthalik stated at the press meet.

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