30 November 2008

Pak could move army on border

Pak could move army on border: Report
Press Trust of India (NDTV)
Saturday, November 29, 2008 10:02 PM (Karachi)
Pakistan may relocate around 1,00,000 military personnel from its restive border area with Afghanistan if there is an escalation in tension with India, which has hinted at the involvement of Pakistani elements in the Mumbai carnage, a media report said on Saturday.Private channel Geo News reported that Pakistan's military and intelligence sources told a select group of journalists on Saturday that NATO and American command had been told that Islamabad would be forced to relocate its military from the borders with Afghanistan if there is escalation in tension with India, where nearly 200 people were killed in the multiple terror attacks on the Indian financial capital."These sources have said NATO and the US command have been told that Pakistan would not be able to concentrate on the war on terror and against militants around the Afghanistan border as defending its borders with India was far more important," Geo News quoted senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir as saying.He also said the sources had briefed the media that the decision not to send the ISI chief Lt-General Shuja Pasha to India was taken after Indian foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee used a very aggressive tone with Pakistani officials on telephone after the Mumbai attacks."The decision to not send the ISI DG to India was taken because Mukherjee used strong words with Pakistani officials and warned of consequences," Mir quoted the military sources as saying.

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