18 August 2008

Maramadi Mahotsavam

The Maramadi is an annual festival (known as Maramadi Mahotsavam), held during the post harvest season in the villages of Kerala. It is a bull racing competition and the freshly ploughed fields are put to best use by creating a racing track for the oxen and bulls.

The fields, known as kandams are filled with water and the muddy water splash about as the bulls are raced by their guides.

The most famous among the Maramadi races is held in Anandapali village Pathnamthitta District near Adoor City (1km away) in Kerala. Here it is held around August 15th every year and coincides with the Onam celebrations. 'Maramadi' is also a major attraction in the festival, 'Kakkoor Kalavayal' held every year at Kakoor village of Ernakulam district.

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