20 August 2008

Bananas in Kerala

Bananas in Kerala can be seen growing all over this state in South India. The green leaves of the banana plant are a soothing sight and on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater, you will see banana trees in courtyards of houses, in groves and being used to decorate the entrance venues of religious ceremonies. It is not only the banana fruit, which is eaten in Kerala, but parts of the banana tree - its flowers and the soft inner trunk - are also eaten as vegetables. The leaves of the banana tree are used as disposable plates, for ceremonial meals, weddings and on festive occasions like Onam in Kerala. You can enjoy eating traditional Kerala cuisine on a banana leaf plate, while on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.
Bananas in Kerala are an important part of the food and cultural life of Kerala. Whether fried as chips, cooked as a sweet dish, made into a vegetable curry, or eaten fresh, bananas are an important part of the cuisine of Kerala.

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